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Skilexa Agency
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Before you access the Skilexa member's area I want to quickly tell you about something some of our early users are using to fully automate their Alexa Flash Briefing creation and make 5-6 figures on the side.

Creating Daily Flash Briefings is a Major Time Suck…

Even with awesome automation tools, creating daily Flash Briefings for your clients is going to take up a ton of time.

Not to mention you have to publish everything under YOUR Amazon developer account. Meaning if any changes have to be made, you’re the one that has to go in and do the work.

But, What if Clients Could Do the Work Instead…
and PAY YOU For it?

The truth is, many of your Alexa agency clients will want to create the Alexa Flash Briefing with their own voice and content (not yours)...

So why not allow them to do just that and get paid in the process with the Agency version of Skilexa?

Allow us to introduce...

Skilexa Agency

With the Agency version of Skilexa you’re getting...

Agency License to Integrate Clients

If you want to make real passive income from Skilexa, then you need to allow team members or clients to do the Flash Briefing, Podcast, or Custom Skill creation FOR YOU. That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the Agency License. Now, you can sell access to Skilexa for any price you choose at any price point and give client’s their own login.

Agency Client Portal Technology

Send clients or team members their own access to Skilexa where they can do the Flash Briefing, Podcast, or Custom Skill creation for you. Create unlimited accounts and delete any accounts anytime you choose.

DFY Reseller Rights Setup

With the Agency upgrade, you’ll get the ability to sell access to the entire Skilexa funnel and keep 100% of the profit of any sale you make. Unlike other reseller offers, there’s no complicated setup or saturation and everything is completely done for you.

Reseller Material Access

You’ll get full access to our proven sales funnel, sales letters, swipes for clients and affiliates, VSLs, and more to use any way you like to profit. These cost us over $10,000 to create ourselves. Use them for Skilexa or other projects you’ll resell by quickly editing.

Outsourcing and Scaling Resources

Want to know exactly how to have other people do all the Flash Briefing creation work and client finding for you? Learn exactly how to outsource your Skilexa services (even if you don’t think you have money to hire anyone) with this groundbreaking training.

Reseller Training Resources

Plus, to make sure you profit from this you’ll get full training and resources to help resell the app. This includes a special “behind-the-scenes” look into one of my own launches I did that made hundreds of thousands!

Access to More Lead capture Templates

You’ll get even more designs and niches in this additional collection of Flash Briefing Templates. Make sure you’re capturing and monetizing your Flash Briefing listeners with this important upgrade.

Plus, you’re also getting…

The DFY Skilexa Agency Marketing Suite - $697 Value

Within minutes, you’ll be able to customize our done-for-you professional Amazon Alexa Agency marketing materials to help start your own “Voice-First” agency and land clients quickly.

Inside you’ll get…

DFY Editable “Alexa Agency” Site

You’ll be landing high-paying clients in no time at all with this professional “Voice-Marketing” agency website. It’s filled with content to help convert clients and is easy to customize so you can add your logo, contact, info, and more.

DFY Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are arguably the fastest way to begin landing your Alexa Marketing clients. However, how exactly should you design the ads? Who should you target? What should the copy be?

Don’t worry as we have all that covered with these ‘plug-n-play’ Facebook creatives.

DFY “Print Ready” Graphics

You’ll get a full suite of editable graphics to make your business look like a true professional agency someone would want to do business with!

These include professional letterhead, a brochure, invoicing template, and more.

DFY Web Banners and Google Ads

Use these in Google advertisements, add to your website, and more to help start attracting clients.

You can use the graphics in other materials like in emails, ads, and more to start letting people know you offer a unique marketing service.

DFY Alexa Marketing Teleswipes

Get a set of phone call swipes proven to get clients.

These are tailor written for the voice-first marketing agency who wants to get clients fast but is starting from square one with no referrals.

Just plug-n-play these with real businesses to start landing deals this weekend.

DFY Alexa Marketing Cold Email Swipes

Also, you’ll get a series of email swipes proven to get clients.

These are custom written for the voice-first marketing agency you can send without having to know the business owner first.

Just plug-n-play these with real businesses to start landing deals this weekend.

DFY Legal Contract Vetted by an Attorney

Having a real, vetted contract before you work with any business is crucial today. Not only will it protect you and make sure you get paid for the work you are going to do, but it allows the business you’re working with to know you are someone professional they can trust.

Plus, for the next several customers we’re offering...

High-Value Skilexa Agency Bonuses

Available Limited-Time Only:

Bonus #1. Wp Resize Image After Upload (with Agency Rights) - $197 Value

This plugin automatically resizes images (JPEG, GIF, and PNG) when they are uploaded to within a given maximum width and/or height to reduce server space usage, speed up your website, save you time and boost your site’s SEO.

Imagine that nowadays images can be over 4-5MB and using this plugin you can reduce them to 100-200KB with no extra effort on your side!

In addition, the plugin can force re-compression of uploaded JPEG images and convert PNGs to JPEG (if they don’t have a transparency layer), regardless of whether they are resized or not.

Bonus #2. Bonus #2. Wp Fancy Author Box (with Agency Rights) - $97 Value

Fancy Author Box is hands-down the best author box plugin for free traffic today!

If you’re a blogger or your business relies on content marketing you should install Fanciest Author Box to:

  • Improve your blog’s functionality
  • Make connections and enable reader engagement
  • Highlight your articles in search engine result pages
  • Increase conversions and click-through rates

Right after installation the author bio is, by default, enabled on all your posts, pages and custom post types.

Bonus #3. Video Portfolio App - $97 Value

Add your video portfolios to any Wordpress site now to get fast clients!

You can search for channels and playlists, bulk import existing videos as new posts, and even auto-import new videos as posts so you can “set it and forget it.” Display options let you customize the player and video placement with no coding. This software works well with most themes, supports custom post types and custom taxonomies, and also includes some useful hooks and filters for advanced users.


  • Create posts from videos in seconds
  • Works seamlessly with most themes and custom post types
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch
  • Curate individual videos by keyword or URL
  • Easily control video player options via settings page
  • Automatically imports video thumbnails as Featured Image
  • Ability to import tags into your choice of taxonomy (tag, category, custom)
  • Filters allow customization of imports and embeds for advanced users

Oh, and one list BIG thing.

Not only are you getting a 100% 6 figure solution today but...


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Skilexa Agency License: Only $997.00

Skilexa Agency
  • Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee